Hydropolis-Undersea Resort

What is the first ten-star underwater sea resort located 60 feet below the ocean’s surface? Hydropolis is. This huge 500 million dollar project is made in Germany and will be assembled in Dubai when completed. The Hydropolis resort has many features to it. Some of these features are that it has a complete shopping mall, cinema, cosmetic surgery clinic, marine institute, museum, library, and a chapel. The designer Joachim Hauser even added missile systems to protect against terrorist attacks. In all, the whole resort is 1.1 million square feet, has 220 suites and costs about 500 dollars each night. Hydropolis is expected to be completed sometime in 2009. Hydropolis really is a piece of architecture innovating the future.

Hydropolis at night.

Inside Hydropolis Resort.


6 Responses to “Hydropolis-Undersea Resort”

  1. The greatest building !!!
    I’m so verry apresiate that!!

  2. I am doing a report on this hotel and i love the idea of it! but i also wish there was more information you can give the reader about this hotel.

  3. I wish it was just a little bit cheaper, like maybe $350/night—then maybe in my lifetime I could actually somewhat afford to go to see this marvel.

  4. Want info for booking and rates

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