Dubai Towers


The Dubai Towers are like no other building in the world. The 4 towers resemble flames. The developer, Sama Dubai, decided to construct the Towers along the lagoon. After the government accepted the project, the constrution started in 2009. The floor counts to these buildings range from 57 to 94. The towers each have their own specialties that include apartments, hotels, offices, and restaurants. The hotel will be a 6 star hotel that will blow your minds away. Completion to this amazing towers is projected to be in 2014!

Dubai Towers at night.

Dubai Towers on the side.


7 Responses to “Dubai Towers”

  1. This is the worlds one of the awesome Building

  2. The imagination of man, never ceases to amaze me! It’s getting the idea, putting it onto paper & then, actually constructing it!! Amazing!!!!!!!

  3. AUBERT Jean-François Says:

    Thanks Dubai, thanks architects

  4. these otel where nice . do you like

  5. this is only on dreams


    De Dubai nada é mais surpresa, a imaginação do homem supera tudo.

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